Futurama episode about dangerous Genetic Engineering (GE) done by “MOMSANTO” !

Leela climbs to what at first appears to be a wonderful fairy-tale but it turns out to be “MOMSANTO” (mm... I wonder what this sounds like!) their experiments are illegal on Earth, but here they're above the law! <evil laughter>
Like any good villain Mom shows Leela her lab, including the "magic" beans into which she spliced elephant DNA that's why they're huge, and including a cruel hybrid of a pig and a porcupine.
Fry and Bender come to rescue Leela and bump into another cruel experiment: Mom grafted Batman's actor head onto a huge bat.
Speaking of huge the guys find a giant which later turns out to be a person suffering from a rare condition and Mom actually helped him.
But Leela reproaches Mom that EVEN IF it did help some rare disease and EVEN IF it could provide food (which Mom admits she won't sell cheaply - so it's not to save the world), STILL we must NOT let the genie out of the bottle!
The final frame of the episode shows the genetically engineered plant-squid taking over the Earth.


IRL (In Real Life) Genetic Engineering (GE) also promises these things, so where's the catch?

(1) Feeding the world
This is really dumb because the world is much too crowded as it is (pollution etc). If we linearly make more food the population grow exponentially and we will be in a the same problem only worst! The solution is making less children worldwide.
Also up until now the GE companies failed to produce more food, the brands they make require more water and more chemicals (because they sell them too), and they poison the land etc.

(2) Cure hereditary diseases
This is not necessary we can just check before birth and stop the pregnancy if we see the problem at early stage. Actively changing even one gene has unknown effects like "Sickle cell disease" gene protects against Malaria disease.
We might also be introducing more problems like "the cure is worst than the disease" but with side effects of drugs today they stop after some time, but with genes they go on and on to future generations.

(3) All the things we can't predict
Like for example armies of cloned soldiers, dictators find immortality by replicating themselves, evil person sterilize the population (or a good person does this by mistake), endless arms race creating a master race and genetic wars within that race,
and in general it's like drug interaction (which we can't calculate even today) but much much more complicated and eternal.

Balls of Steel 2013 - Futurama